In order to maximize your visit to the Early Scholars Academy, the ESA has implemented policies and procedures to ensure visitors have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The safety and security of all visitors and staff are a top priority for the ESA and we strive for quality customer service and the utmost customer satisfaction. These policies are in addition to on-site procedures and helpful guidelines that will be emailed to visiting teachers.


Scheduled visits to the ESA consist of 30-40 minutes in each of three discovery areas grouped by one main topic. Three themes are All Things Living (consisting of Greenhouse; Animals; and Wonderful, Amazing Me),  Destination Exploration (consisting of the Earth, Space, and Community Area), and All Around the World (consisting of the Tropics Polar, and Ocean). The tour will include hands-on, interactive, child-directed activities in the discovery areas you requested to visit on your reservation form.

    • At least one teacher and/or paraprofessional educator is required for every 12 children in your group. ESA staff members will be assigned to your group to guide the tour and facilitate learning activities.
    • Visits to the ESA are booked on a first come, first served basis. We encourage reservations for visits be made at least one month in advance to ensure that we can accommodate your group.
    • To ensure you secure your reservation, please complete the ESA Visit Reservation Form (below) and fax it to the ESA at (361) 561-8696. Once your Visit Reservation Form has been received and your visit date booked by ESA staff, you will receive a confirmation letter.
    • Adjustments to the tour start time and duration will be based on the group’s arrival time and designed departure time. To ensure your group experiences the maximum tour duration, please arrive at your scheduled time.
    • The ESA facility includes a colorful outdoor area where lunch may be eaten if weather permits.



    • The ESA accepts checks, credit cards, and purchase orders as payment for all scheduled visits.
    • Please remit payment (including checks and purchase orders) to: Early Scholars Academy.



    • ESA staff will make adjustments to groups who need to reschedule their tour on a case-by-case basis based on ESA availability. Please contact ESA staff at least one week prior to your scheduled visit to reschedule for another date and/or time.
    • Should you need to cancel your scheduled visit, please contact ESA staff at least one week prior to your scheduled visit date.
    • Adjustments to your group size needs to be made 48 hours before your visit.


ESA Visit Reservation Form

Please contact Kathleen Ford at for questions about ESA tours or for booking an ESA visit.