An apple a day keeps the doctor away! So does exercise and making good health choices. Successful learning starts with a healthy body. In the Wonderful Amazing Me Area, children will learn all of the “amazing” things their bodies can do and how to keep their bodies healthy and safe. The brightly colored objects around the room and the multi-colored lighting energize children as they enter the room, and the wide open space allows for whole body movement and numerous physical activities. Children are encouraged to participate in aerobics, hula-hooping, ribbon-twirling, basketball, and balance exercises. As they run, jump, twirl, dance, or tumble, children learn that exercise is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body.

Children also need to know their own body and how it works. Several tactile materials and activities around the room will help teach children the parts of their body and how they fit and work together. From learning the difference between a foot and an elbow, to learning where their heart and brain are located, children will be introduced to human anatomy through visually stimulating, age-appropriate, hands-on activities and props.

Children will learn about the importance of nutrition and good eating habits using touch screen computers to make choices between healthy “everyday foods” (i.e. carrots, apples, chicken, milk, etc.) and not-so-healthy “sometimes foods” (i.e. cookies, donuts, sodas, candy, etc.). Not only will children learn about the basic food groups, but they will also learn where to get the foods they need to maintain a healthy body. A mock grocery store allows children to learn through role play as they make their grocery lists, plan meals, fill their carts with nutritious foods, and make their purchase from the mock store “cashier.” As children learn about taking care of their bodies in Wonderful, Amazing Me, they also learn who can help them stay healthy with puppets in the library center. Children will learn about the careers of doctors, nurses, dentists, nutritionists, sports coaches, physical trainers, and grocers.

Visit Wonderful Amazing Me and watch children jump and tumble toward healthy living and active learning!