Three, two, one…blast-off! With this countdown children will journey to the moon, to Mars, and back to Planet Earth in the Space Area in a 12 feet tall rocket ship simulator.  The rocket simulator uses sounds and sights on interior interactive screens to provide a realistic, age-appropriate space travel experience for children. Starting with Neptune and ending with the sun, children will be taken through our galaxy as various facts about the different planets and are discussed. Children will hear about how many moons each planet has, what the atmosphere is like, its size, and other unique factors that children are excited and eager to learn about.  

The planet-lined walls, lunar-textured floor, and star-illuminated ceiling immediately immerse children in a celestial setting where they will engage in hands-on, imagination-driven learning. 

Children visiting this area are exposed to science, math, and technology vocabulary as they make their way through the room. The sand table filled with black sand initiates literacy development as children dig through the sand and find various “space” items. Other learning activities involve comparing and contrasting the earth with the other planets in the solar system and reflective light activities through which children learn about light reflection using flashlights and a variety of different objects.

Dressed in a space vest, children can role play being an astronaut, engineer, pilot, and scientist. There are many opportunities for language development in the library space station tent and math skills development throughout the area.

Just be sure to look out for space aliens and flying meteors!