Come plant the seeds of knowledge in the Greenhouse!  Situated at the heart of the ESA, the Greenhouse simulates the sounds, smells, and feel of the outdoors in an area that focuses on living things in a child’s world. The vibrant orange and green colors will “wow” children and visually stimulate them. Lots of natural lighting from the skylight above plus the soft, rich soil from the live plants around the room provide this area with a natural “outdoors” feel. This area connects children to living organisms and allows them to interact with nature to closely examine how things live and grow.

What does it take to make a plant grow? Does an insect grow better in sunlight or in darkness? How can we keep our earth healthy so that we can continue to live in our environment? The Greenhouse will answer all these questions and many more. Children will plant their own seeds and learn what it takes to make a plant grow, how to keep it healthy, and what the stages of growth look like. With the plants and insects that actually live and grow in the Greenhouse, children will be exposed to the life processes of living things and will learn about where the food they eat actually comes from.

Using their magnifying glass, children can closely view flowers, leaves, herbs, insects, and soil to learn the anatomy of a garden. Common garden dwellers such as snails, spiders, and crickets are on hand for children to hold and study. The hands-on activities in this area can be recreated at home or in the classroom to enhance children’s learning. Children will be introduced to careers that “stem” from the plant area such as botanist, entomologist, farmer, agricultural engineer, and scientist.

In the Greenhouse children can cultivate understanding and appreciation for living things and sprout a tiny green thumb!