Come aboard the colossal yellow submarine for a unique underwater adventure that enhances children’s imaginations and encourages exploration. The 12 feet long yellow submarine at the center of this area will seat up to 12 children and take them on a simulated “dive” deep into the ocean where they can observe many different types of deep sea life. The monitors inside the submarine will display a rising water level to simulate the dive process as children see dolphins, whales, tortoises, and other sea creatures “swim” by them.

As they disembark the yellow submarine, children will set foot on a sandy shore floor modeled after the ocean floor, and will be surrounded by “wall waves” designed to create a realistic oceanic environment. As they make their way around the Ocean Area, children will engage in activities that improve their real-world awareness of marine life learning about marine mammals, fish, and plants that dwell in the oceans of the world. The touch tank stocked with sea animals including hermit crabs, snails, tube feeders, starfish, sea urchins, and pencil urchins. By allowing them to physically touch or hold the specimens, children have the opportunity to gain confidence in handling these creatures as well as develop respect and appreciation for living things.

The sand exploration center provides a fun, interactive way for children to develop letter and word recognition skills as they dig in the sand for letters, words, and seashells. Not only will the Ocean Area stimulate literacy skills growth and social skills development, but it will introduce children to the many potential careers that relate to oceans and marine life such as marine biology, oceanography, and scientific research.

This area gives children the chance to “visit” the ocean without getting too wet!